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Birthdate:Sep 10
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
My Chemical Romance's bassist
Alica Simmon's willing servent
Gerard Way's adoring baby brother
Adam Burbank Lazzara's BFF
Matty Jewbano's faithful antagonist

Plays well with:
|| Matt Rubano ||

This journal does not belong to Mikey Way, nor is it at all connected to or affiliated with Mikey Way or My Chemical Romance.
This journal is for Role Play only, and is not meant to reflect the actions and feelings of the people portrayed.

Interests (107):

adam lazzara, alicia simmons way, alicia's strap on, anthrax, baby keys, bass, bein' your dungeon master, being relevent to roob's interests, biggy is so cute i wanna squish his face, blood, bobba fett bryar, bon jovi, boots of sex, bruised hips, bullets, bunny marie way, coffee, comics, cuddling, cute boys, d/s with a little bdsm, death, dirty jersey, dungeons and dragons, fall out boy, fast eddie reyes, fellow bassists, frankenstein iero, fuck you bronx mowgli is an awesome name, g-spot, geeking out, gerard's art, getting my hands on matty's bass, green day, guitar hero, han shot first, harry potter, horror movies, iron maiden, it's rubano's fault, jersey diners, knives, lord of the rings, loud frontmen, love, maad larzaza, mac'n'cheese, make lewd gestures not war, marked throats, matty jewbano, mic swinging is okay, miss misha, morrissey, mr. wonderful, mutual access, my bff adam, my bff matty, my big brother, my niece bandit lee, my wife could beat up your wife, new jersey, new london fire, nirvana, our chemical romance, parties, pete wentz, peter pan/michael darling, piglet tree way, pizza, puppies, queen, rawk, raygun toro, roobs' boobs, rpgs, sci fi, seth green's evil twin, sex, sister lynz, sleeping, sour patch kids, sparkle o'connell, star wars, stephen king, strangulation, sweet little dudes, taking back sunday, the beatles, the faz mahal, the misfits, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, three men in a thousand, tour, touring, toys, traveling, trust, undead warriors, unicorns, vampires, video games, warped tour, watchmen, woobie, world of warcraft, zombies
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